The release of Total Smashout has been massively successful being played for over 7000 hours by 25,000 people in the first week makes it my most successful game so far. Because of this I have launched an Android and Apple version of the game.



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I have had some amazing feedback on TwoTap as well as it being featured in some large publications like Rock Paper Shotgun and getting a crazy amount of players on the web version. 

Because of this I have made an app version which is more comfortable to play and has some extra features.

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I’ve been shocked that my little game has been so wildly successful getting 2950 hours of combined playtime in the first week and also being featured in Rock Paper Shotgun!

Because of this I have made an Android version to make it available to more players.

It only has 50 downloads at the moment so I’m looking to try and get that up as quickly as I can.

Get it now here:

TwoTap on Android